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 Fish food making processing:

 Fish wash → Fish meat separate → bleaching → press water → strain muscle → beating material to thick → mixture → forming → boiling or steamer or fry → cooling → package

 Machinery necessary:

1.Fish washer 2.Fish meat separator machine 3.De-fatted & bleaching machine 4.Screw press Machine 5.Meat strainer 6.Bowl cutter 7.Forming machine (Fish ball, Fish cake, and material  or hot pot …… fish material). 8.Continuous boiling machine or steamer or Continuous fryer 9.Cooling conveyor  10.Package machine

Automatic fish washing machine Meat separator De-Fatted & Bleaching assist tank
Specification: TCFW-600 Specification: TCFM-350 Specification: TCFD-960
Fish meat rotary screen Screw press Refiner
Specification: TCFF-2000 Specification: TCFS-330 Specification: TCFR-220
Bowl cutter Forming Machine Continuous boiling machine
Specification: TCM-130 Specification: DH-806 Specification: Continuous boiling machine
Continuous frying machine    
Specification: Continuous frying machine