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 Meat ball making processing:

Frozen meat shaving → Grinding → Beating to thick liquid and mix → Meat ball  forming → Pre-cooking → Boiling → Cooling → Packing

  Machinery necessary::

1.Frozen meat shaving machine (if you use warm meat, you would not need this machine) 2. Meat grinder 3.Meat (Hydraulic) beater machine 4. Meat ball forming machine 5. Boiling machine (include: pre-boiling, boiling, cooling and fan cooling) 6. Packaging

Fish ball making processing:

Gathering fish meat (fresh meat) → Beating to thick liquid and mix → Fish ball forming → Pre-boiling → Boiling → Cooling → Fan cooling → Frozen → Packaging

     Machinery necessary:

1. Fish meat gathering machine 2. Quick Cutter 3. Fish ball forming machine 4. Boiling (include: pre-boiling, boiling, cooling and fan cooling) 5. Packaging

Bowl cutter Bowl cutter Meat beater machine
Specification: TCM-130 Specification: TCM-330 Specification: TBM-80
Hydraulic meat beater machine Fish ball forming machine Meat ball forming machine
Specification: TBM-360 Specification: TFFM-300 Specification: TMFM-200
Continuous boiling machine    
Specification: Continuous boiling machine